FREE report outlines how COVID-19 has caused more customers to want digital banking.

The Digital CX Group has surveyed hundreds of retail banking customers who gave feedback on their digital banking trends since COVID-19. Find out why customers' digital channel preferences have changed since COVID-19.

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  • The Digital CX Group has published research on changing consumer preferences in our new Digital CX Banking Report
  • We asked consumers about their changing opinions after COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, which have forced many consumers to use digital and virtual banking options where they otherwise may not have.
  • Will these consumers continue to use those digital options after things return to normal? Or will they go back to "in-person" options?

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What's Included

The report includes a statistically valid sample of US consumers aligned to the most recent US census data.


Digital Banking Services Analyzed


All 50 US States Represented


Banks & Credit Unions

Digital CX Group

Who We Are

The Digital CX Group provides banks, credit unions, and banking vendors up-to-date information about consumer habits in digital banking.


Our members and clients know the right place to invest their precious time, energy, and resources to take full advantage of the growth in digital banking demand.


Our team consists of expert in banking, survey research, and technology who have more than 80 years of combined experience in the industry.


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